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Shenetta Malkia
Shenetta Malkia

Empowering One To Live & Not Die

One Life Saved Is One Life Given

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Meet Dr. Shenetta Malkia

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Shenetta Malkia The Empowered Life Queen Founding President & Executive Director Empowerment Essence

Dr. Shenetta Malkia The Empowered Life Queen

Founding President & Executive Director Empowerment Essence


Dr. Shenetta Malkia is widely known throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area, Maryland and nationally. She is a spokesperson and advocate for suicide prevention and anti-bullying programs. Malkia has sat on the MD-SPIN advisory board and MD Governor’s Commission for Suicide Prevention from 2014-2019. Shenetta is the founding President and Executive Director of Empowerment Essence, an organization dedicated to eradicating bullying and suicide beginning in Maryland & DC communities. Malkia is also a leading clinician and workshop facilitator for community organizations and government agencies. She is seeking innovative ways to grapple a growing problem within communities. As a sought-after speaker, Malika’s voice continues to sound the trumpet for systematic change within schools and social service systems, which often ignores the signs of bullying and suicide. Malkia has been featured on radio, TV, and at community events. She was the key note Speaker for Maryland’s 26th Annual Suicide Prevention Conference, 2014 and continues to lead the survivor’s panels, teach other workshops, and speak nationally and internationally.

To date, Malkia has touched and empowered thousands of lives. As a survivor of bullying and suicide her passion and purpose in life is a direct result of life experiences, which lead many support systems turning a deaf ear to her cries for help. Unfortunately, there were no programs to assist when she reached out. Instead, she was told by school officials to ignore the bullying by classmates. This took her down a dark path that almost resulted in death. While she survived her personal suicide attempt, her good friend, reality show actress Gia Allemand of the Bachelor didn’t. Malkia was devastated by Gia’s suicide in 2013. While grieving and hurting she was empowered to speak out on the importance of life. 


Her vision for Empowerment Essence is a direct result of resilience and regained strength. “One Life Saved Is One Life Given.”


A native of Queens, N.Y., she attended AIU in Atlanta where she studied T.V & film production. She later matriculated to Bowie State University majoring in Business Administration. Malkia has developed the Bully Free Beautiful Me Conference for young Queens ages 7 to 17. She is also building I Matter – Life Matters Film Productions, which is dedicated to helping others tell their story and bring stories to life to further public awareness in the area of suicide and bullying.


Empowerment Essence was developed during Malkia’s reign as Ms. Maryland United States 2014.  This was a must after the death of her beloved friend Gia Allemad and the memories that resurfaced of her own personal attempt. Ms. Malkia also holds the following title International Ms. USA 2021. She also holds the former titles of Ms. Baltimore United Sates 2014, Ms. Congeniality United Sates 2014, International Ms. Maryland 2016 and is the CEO of The PMs Of the City, CEO. If’s it’s not everything mental health, it’s everything real estate.


In addition to her founding and managing Empowerment Essence, Malkia is also the founder and owner of MalKhia Relations LLC. An organization working in the area TV and Film Production. Some productions include America’s Got Talent, Things Kids Say and other production in both the Washington Metropolitan area New York. 

Shenetta Malkia

Shenetta when not saving lives, is changing the face of real estate and property management through her company The PMs Of The City LLC.


Award Achievements include Agent of the quarter and agent of the year (American Income Life) 2014, Manager of the year 2016 & 2017 (Residential One), Community ambassador of the year VKN foundation 2016, and Speak Life – Community Leadership 2018.


Today, Malkia remains active in the field of cultural arts and television production. One of her crowning achievements came in 2013 beat death for the 2nd time. Let’s just say God has much for Malkia to complete. She lives a life of equality, resilience, and strength, reminding all that no matter what you face You Still Matter and Life Still Matters.

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